Penis Enlargement Techniques

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If you are unhappy about your penis size and want to increase it, there are few different penis enlargement techniques. Some of them work better than others, some are expensive and give only temporary results and some give good permanent results. In this post I will tell you about different ways to get bigger penis and how well they work.
The first technique I want to tell you about is penis enlargement surgery. Surgery really works and gives you permanent increase in size. However there are few disadvantages on this method. Surgeries are very expensive and quite risky. There is always possibility that something goes wrong that causes impotence or erection problems. Another problem is scars, surgery can leave scars on your penis. If you are willing to take the risk and pay the expensive price, surgery is great way to get results.
Another great, free and easy way to make your penis look bigger is effecting on how your penis looks. This method does not actually make your penis bigger, but makes it look bigger. There are two ways, which everyone can do easily. First is trimming your pubic hair. If you have lots of pubic hair, you are hiding big part of your penis and making it look smaller than it really is. Shaving your pubic hair off does not only make your penis look bigger, but is also hygienic. Second technique is losing weight if you have overweight. Slim body makes the penis look bigger and also makes sure all of your penis is out and not hidden by your stomach. These two easy techniques are something everyone can do.
Another quite cheap way is using penis pump. Penis pump increases the blood flow to your penis and makes the erections harder and bigger. However penis pumps will only increase the size of erected penis and is just temporary solution. It does work, but you have to do it every time before having sex.
Herbal and medical penis pills that increase the blood flow to your penis are great ways to quite cheaply and easily make your erected penis bigger. There are lots of different products on the market and some work and some not. We recommend the herbal VigRx Plus which is great product to get more frequent erections and increase the size of your erect penis.
Penis exercises are great and free way to increase your size. There are some great exercise programs like PenisHealth, which shows you the best techniques to increase your penis size. 30 minutes of daily milking and massaging increases the blood flow to your penis and makes it bigger.
The best solution is penis extender. It works very similarly to penis exercises, but is more efficient and easier. Penis extender gives optimal traction to your penis and makes it grow. For best possible result, use high quality penis extender device like Sizegenetics together with good exercise program like PenisHealth. If you really want to increase your sexual like, add erection product like Vigrx Plus and you will notice massive difference in your erected penis.

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